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There are several benefits that come from being a member of the KGWA. One, KGWA is a branch of the National Ground Water Association and because of that, the association has strong ties in legislative procedures. So, the communication lines are always open. KGWA serves as a legislative watchdog for its members. Two, KGWA can assist its members as a liaison with state water and environmental agencies. Three, The Kansas Ground Water Association promotes fraternity and professionalism through their advertising, conventions, seminars, and newsletters. The KGWA membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. There are four divisions of which you can be a part:

Contractors Division

Any person, firm, or corporation having a regularly established place of business and engaged in the business of drilling and/or servicing water wells and/or pumps shall be eligible for membership in the Contractors Division.

Manufacturers & Suppliers Division

Any person, firm, or corporation engaged in the manufacture or sale of merchandise, materials, accessories, or services used or sold by active members shall be eligible for membership in the Manufacturers & Suppliers Division.

Technical Division

Persons, firms, or organizations engaged in occupations pertaining to the supervision, regulation, or investigation of underground water or ground water supply, or any teacher in a recognized institution whose field of teaching, research, or study is of interest to, and/or associated with, the water well industry shall be eligible for membership in the Technical Division.

Associate Member

Any individual or organization who wishes to be supportive of the Kansas Ground Water Association, its goals and objectives, not eligible for any of the above divisions, is eligible for Associate membership.

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